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Customer Guide

Airport Limousine is committed to providing safe and comfortable services.

Article 1 (Purpose)

Thepurpose of the Standardized Terms and Conditions of Airport Limousine (hereinafter the “STC”) is to stipulate the limits on the responsibility for transportation and the matters necessary for management between the transport service providers (limited license) (the “Service Provider”) and thepassengers under Article 9 of the Passenger Transport Service Act (the “Act”).

Article 11 (Payment of Fares)

A child under the age of 6 accompanied by a passenger who purchases a ticket mayboard the limousine free of charge, provided that, if the child is to be seated in a separate seat, the child shall be charged the separate fare.

Article 24 (Free Baggage Allowance)

The free baggage allowance baggageper ticketshall be not more than two (2) bags, including carry-on baggage, restricted to 20 kg and under per bag,and the volume (total of length, width and height) of each bag shall be less than 160 cm.

Article 25 (Excess Baggage)

For baggage exceeding the weight limit of the free baggage allowance, 50% of the passenger fare shall be charged per baggage (30 kg).

Article 29

29.5 (Responsibility for Content)

The Company shall not be liable for any damages to the carry-on baggage and belongings of apassenger if such damage is not caused by the willful misconduct or negligence of the Company.

Article 27 (Report of Fares and Prices)


For baggage exceeding the weight and number limit as set forth in the following Clause 28 hereof, afee for excess baggage not exceeding 50% of the passenger fare per baggage item (40 kg and under) may be charged.


If the price of the baggage exceeds the amount of KRW equivalent to USD 300 dollars per passenger, theprice may be reported in advance.

Article 30 (Limit on Damages)


Should the Company be liable for damage to passenger’sbaggage (including damages and losses), the damage payment shall not exceed the amount of KRW equivalent to USD 300 dollars per passenger, provided that, if the passenger reported a higher price in advance, the saidreported price shall be appliedon condition that this price doesnot exceed the actual price of thebaggage in question.


If the Company collects a fee for excess baggage, the Company shall be liable for the damage proven not exceeding the amount of KRW equivalent to USD 150 dollars perbaggage.


Claims for damage must be submitted in writing, and relevant evidentiary materials shall be presented. The passenger is obliged to present such evidentiary materials.