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Company Introduction

Airport Limousine is committed to providing safe and comfortable services.


The Best Choice for Connecting the
World with Seoul, Korea.

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CEO of Airport Limousine, Kwon Young-chan

At the time of its establishment in 1977, Airport Limousine was the first company in Koreato launch a limousine bus business, and in the years since, Airport Limousine has developed into the largest limousine service company in Korea thanks to the great interest and support from many customers.

All of us working at Airport Limousine are dedicating our best efforts,taking great pride in performing the important role of creating a emorable first impression for domestic and foreign passengers using Incheon International Airport and Gimpo International Airport, which are the first gateways into Korea and central airportsrepresentative of Northeast Asia. We are proud to introduceKorea to the world by providing the first line of high quality services to visitors. We believe we can thereby enhance Korea’s national prestige and contribute to creating a positive impression of Seoul, the capital of Korea, as befitting the city’s mottos of “Seoul Together with the World” and “I ♥ SEOUL.” Airport Limousine is firmly committed to providing safe and comfortable means of transportation, as we undertake the tremendous responsibility of pioneering the development of public transportation.

The guiding values of Airport Limousine are “Customer Satisfaction,” “Customer Safety” and “On-time Guarantee.” We promise to provide optimum services to all passengers using the limousine bus. Customers are at the center of our mission: Airport Limousine is a company that exists forour customers and that is led by customers.

Members of Airport Limousine will continue to make history as an exemplary and ideal limousine service company, upholding our pride and embracing new challengesto build an even better future. We will continue to provide comfortable and safe airport buses and serve as the best companion for our passengers from the start to the end of their journeys. Please feel free to share with us any concerns or inconveniences or suggestions for improvement as we actively seek to further improve our management, safe operations and customer services.

Thank you.

Company History


  • - Total of 23 airport bus routes (Luxury limousines: 20 routes / General night buses: 3 routes)
  • 01 Designated a “Best Traffic Safety Company” by the Korea Transportation Safety Authority and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport


  • - Total of 22 airport bus routes (Luxury limousines: 19 routes / General night buses: 3 routes)
  • 05 Company spin-off


  • 03 Received a citation from the Director of the National Tax Service


  • - Total of 22 routes operated along with Airport Bus Route No. 6000 (10 luxury limousines, 9 general limousines, 3 night limousines)
  • 01 Opening ofIncheon International Airport Terminal No. 2


  • - Total of 19 routes operated along with Airport Bus Route No. 6000 (Luxury limousines: 10 routes / General limousines: 9 routes)


  • 09 Received a citation from the Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan City


  • 08 3 bus routes acquired (Airport Bust Routes No. 6016, 6030 and 6060)


  • 03 Received a citation from the Minister of Strategy & Finance


  • 12 Awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor


  • 10 2 routes acquired (Airport Bus Routes No. 6005 and 6015)


  • 06 Received a citation from the Minister of Construction & Transportation
  • 01 Acquired a limited license for the Seoul City Airport Bus


  • 05 Changed the company name from Airport Transportation to Airport Limousine


  • 11 Relocation of the head office (from Seongdong-gu to Gangseo-gu, Seoul)


  • 11 Changed the company name from Walker Hill Transportation to Airport Transportation (17 buses)