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Company Introduction

Airport Limousine is committed to providing safe and comfortable services.

Thank you for visiting the official website of Airport Limousine.

Airport Limousine is dedicated to providing premium services to transport airport passengers
quickly and safely to createa comfortable journeying experience.
Since its establishment in 1977, Airport Limousine has offered the best services to deliver customer-centered values and
developed customized talent.

Customer-centered Company

To provide a comfortable and safe method of transportation to domestic and foreign passengers,
Airport Limousine focuses on enhancing services and elevating customer satisfaction by developing and operating various contents and amenities for passengers.

  • 01
    Automatic Multilingual Audio
    Guide Broadcasting System
    Audio guides for passengers in the bus were previously available in Korean and English languages, but we have further expanded the audio guides to include Japanese and Chinese, in consideration of the diversity of passengers using our airport bus services. Currently, audio guides are provided in a total of 4 languages.
  • 02
    Real-time Location Tracking
    Information System
    The BMS system of the Seoul Metropolitan Government is utilized to track vehicle locations in real-time, to maximize the convenience of passengers on using the airport bus.
  • 03
    Installation of the
    Digital Tachograph
    The tachographs installed in all airport buses for recording operations have been upgraded, from the existing analog version to a digital version, to more efficiently share vehicle operation information with the Korea Transportation Safety Authority to prevent traffic accidents and ensure passenger safety.
  • 04
    Installation of the Wireless
    Communication Devices (TRS Radio Sets)
    Optimum operating conditions are maintained through real-time vehicle control from the Operations Control Center through wireless communication devices. Customer complaints and lost items of customers are handled quickly to maintain our reliability and transparency toward customers.
  • 05
    Other Customer
    Various other improvements have been implemented in our customer services, such as limousine pick-up services and arrangements with the luggage service staff in Incheon International Airport, Gimpo International Airport and other major downtown locations.


급속도로 변화하는 사회에서 지속가능한 경영을 유지하기 위하여 저희 공항리무진은 대내외적인 변화와
추세를 주목하고 그 흐름을 신속하게 파악하고 대응할 수 있는 경쟁력을 갖춘 인재육성에 적극 투자

  • 하나,
    운행사원의 전문화
    리무진운전기사의 전문화를 도모하고 운전시뮬레이션을
    활용하는 실습교육을 실시하여 교통안전진단을 통한
    승객안전에 기여하고자 교통안전공단에서 운영중인
    운전체험 교육프로그램에 참여
  • 둘,
    중소기업연수원과 협약하여 맞춤형교육을 통한
    창의인재육성을 도모 직원의 자기계발을 지원하고
    시대적 흐름에 맞는 인재육성을 위하여 교육프로그램을 활용
  • 셋,
    노사상생을 통한 건전한 노사문화정착
    노사간 분쟁발생이 없고 노사협력증진을 통한 화합단결을
    통하여 상생의 노사문화 창조에 선도적인 역할을
    수행하고 상생의 노사파트너쉽 실천으로 노사협력 분위기를
    산업현장에 확산하여 기업의 경쟁력을 제고